Why do you wear a tie cycling?

March 29, 2018|My Camino, News, Reach Your Potential|

It’s a strange thing to wear at any time but cycling?  Are you nuts Timmy?  Of course I am.

When I went to Christchurch Oxford to meet the bishop for his blessing for this trip, the Porters in the lodge gave me a Christchurch tie.  What a great good luck charm!  My big Brother Martin loved to wear his suit and tie to special occasions like weddings, church, going to the office, the shops, mowing the lawn etc.

In fact Martin was always the best dressed Mallett of we three brothers.  I thought it would be fitting to follow his example and wear the tie to Santiago.  Glad I did, the Bishop of Winchester is an alumni of Christchurch and was very keen to know what I’d read there.

Well I read the menu in the canteen…..

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