Was it a good idea to stop at Oxford United?

February 13, 2018|News|

I set off from Christchurch college wearing a Christchurch tie, a lovely present from the porters in the They had also provided the Bishop with a stamp for my pilgrim passport and he had signed my pannier with a flourish.

At Oxford United I met members of the staff and had a photo by the pitch. A cup of tea later, I discover the back tyre was down.

The offending article which caused the puncture.

I had my first puncture! 5 miles into my camino and I’m stuffed. Because, of course in my excitement and enthusiasm I’d left home without a spare tube puncture repair kit or any tools whatsoever! Doh! My own fault and a valuable lesson.

I put the bike into a cab and headed off down the Cowley Road to the Oxford Bicycle company and Dave.

“Hello Timmy” he said “I haven’t seen you since I was at primary school and you were on Radio Oxford – Timmy on the tranny – and you came to our school!”

I love the way a potential disaster turns into a reunion nearly 40 years on…..

Thanks Dave, and good luck to the Us!

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