Upcoming Events

How to book Timmy!
To book Timmy for your show, celebration event, function or personal appearance, please call:
The John Miles Organisation – Telephone: 01275 854675.

Friday 31 May
Timmy fun night – The Ocean, Exmouth.

Easter Sunday 20 April
Buzz Bingo – Westfield, Peterborough.

Friday 10 May
Cookham Festival – the Cycling Artist – Cycling and painting the Camino.

26 May 2019
Timmy will appear at Parkdean Resorts, Sandford, Poole.

24 July 2019
ParkDean Resorts – Vauxhall, Great Yarmouth.

27 July 2019
ParkDean Resorts – Southview, Skegness.

31 July 2019
ParkDean Resorts – Trecco Bay, Porthcawl.

8 August 2019
ParkDean Resorts – Highfield Grange, Clacton on Sea.

You can see him touring with Mallett’s Mallet at holiday resorts and corporate events.
Timmy Mallett – Star, Entertainer, Artist.