To the end of the earth

April 27, 2018|My Camino, News, Reach Your Potential|

The Romans called it finis Terra the end of the earth.  To them it was clear there was nothing out there except sea and death.  Many pilgrims since the earliest days of this pilgrimage have continued the extra 100 kilometres past Santiago to Finisterre.

I too wanted to cycle to the coast.  The last time I saw the sea was at Mont St Michel weeks ago.

The cycle from Muros was only 60 kilometres but it was a thrilling ride.  Around every corner I got closer and the destination took on more and more significance.  As I joined more pilgrims heading in the same direction the energy and excitement increased. At Finisterre, the lady at the Camino HQ gave me a lovely surprise.  I was telling her about brother Martin and showed her the photos.  She gave me a certificate in his name.

I took it to the lighthouse so we could share a magic moment together….

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