Timmy Towers: Show Guide

Programme 1: Timmy Towers gets tarted up

In the first programme of the new series Timmy, Aunty and Miss Thing decided it was time to redecorate.

Whilst they were busy deciding just what to do, The Abominable No Man plotted to turn everything black with his new colour-mucker-upper gunge gun.

Using the World Wide Web, our heroes called in help from the lovely pop star Lolly who is a DIY expert – and together there was, of course, loads of chaos caused!

In order to defeat the Abominable No Man, Timmy transformed himself into superhero Decoratorman and showed the baddie how really to wallpaper.

Opinions so far include:

Joe Moore:
“I really liked Lolly on Timmy Towers. She was really funny!"

And Sophie:
“The programme was fun. I think the Abominable No Man is stupid and Timmy will always win."

Programme 4: Aunty's Squillionth Birthday

On her squilloneth birthday Aunty gets a lucky wishbone, which the Abominable No Man wants to use to take over the world!

Timmy & Miss Thing plan a surprise party and bake the biggest pink cake in the world. The Abominable No Man tricks Aunty into signing away her wishbone and wishes for an exploding cake.

Mike McClean (from CITV’s Mad For It) is the party planner with an idea for wrapping up the audience in toilet paper! Timmy has to transform himself into super hero Game Boy and challenges the villain to an hilarious game of pin the tail on the donkey which of course he wins.

The exploding cake goes off all over the Abominable and Timmy is rewarded with a kiss from Miss Thing, while Aunty’s present is a lifetime’s supply of wool!

Opinions so far include:

Billy aged 8:
“I want to play wrap the audience in toilet paper at my birthday party!!!"

And Paul:
“I liked it when the cake exploded all over the Abominable Man."

And Jemma age 11:
“My favourite part was where the Brenda the Blender splurted all over the audience."

Programme 7: Timmy Towers goes really wild

It’s the world’s best pet competition and everyone is entering. Timmy has an invisible pet and doesn’t know where or what it is!

Miss Thing has a delightful but dangerous pet pink Thingy, and naturally Aunty Knobbly Boney Knees has a pet sheep! Deep in his lair the Abominable No Man is plotting with Spike his horrible cockroach. With an invisible pet, he’d be invincible and he sets about trying to catch it!

Our heroes too are on the lookout for their pets which have gone missing and call in Michaela Strachan (from The Really Wild Show – and Timmy’s old co-presenter on The Wide Awake Club).

Michaela sets up a wonderful pet training course for Timmy who Aunty suggests should be their replacement in the best pet competition. Meanwhile the Abominable kidnaps a kid and flushes it down the toilet to the Room with No TV as a take away snack for Spike!

This looks like a job for Pet Rescue Man. Not so fast Timmy – The Abominable sets a host of really wild and dangerous animals from the audience onto our hero and it looks like curtains.

Thank heavens Michaela, Aunty & Miss can cook! They mix up some wonderful concoction in Brenda the Blender that gets the dogs out of the way – just in timy for Pet Rescue Man to flush The Abominable No Man down the toilet once more…

Opinions so far include:

Peter Holden:
“It was great when the sheep got kicked down the toilet. It was dead funny when he said Wham bam thank you lamb!"

David Wagner:
“I can’t stop saying Hello Nursey! like the Abominable No man. I said it on the bus and everyone laughed!"

Deborah Manley:
“Seeing Timmy dragged round by the invisible pet was really funny. I wish my dog could do that to me!"

Miss Thing’s mum!:
“When Miss Thing couldn’t recognise Timmy I laughed; Michaela was great, she’s really really wild!"

Programme 2: The Mallett House of Horrors

In show 2, Timmy wanted to scare Miss Thing so she would hug him to bits.

Unfortunately he wasn’t very successful until the Abominable No Man emerged to kidnap a kid and flush him down the toilet to use for the monster he was making to take over the World.

The monster needed a brain so Miss Thing and Aunty were tricked into sticking their heads down the toilet and having their brains sucked out. Miss Thing was changed into a burger bar waitress and Aunty into a head teacher!

Meanwhile Timmy was terrified of a suit of armour which turned out to be GMTV’s Lorraine Kelly. Lorraine showed Timmy how to mix up Monster Mash in Brenda the Blender – which brought the monster to life.

Timmy quickly transformed himself into The Phantom Mallett, complete with double ended light mallet to sort out the Abominable No Man and Lorraine Kelly used her skills in brain surgery to turn Miss Thing and Aunty back to normal, although not until she had got them the wrong way round!

Opinions so far include:

“I love STAR WARS and this show was a bit like it so I loved it."

And Timothy:
“I thought it was good when Aunty and Miss Thing swapped voices by accident."

Programme 5: Coughs and Sneezes

This week the Abominable No Man is poisoning Timmy Towers with Green Spotty-Itis.

Aunty becomes Nursey Knobbly Boney Knees and tries to cure the audience, although she hasn’t got a clue! Timmy & Miss Thing each have an earache in the big toe and then the Abominable No Man turns all the boys into girls and all the girls ugly!

Doctor Dolittle Business (Ben Jones of CITV’s Its a Mystery and Top 10 of Everything) mixes a wonderful witchdoctor potion to go into Brenda the Blender, but it’s Timmy’s transformation into Medical Man that saves the day.

Everyone except the Abominable No Man is happy – so happy that they decide to sing Chirpy, Chirpy, Cheep, Cheep!

Opinions so far include:

Andy Wilson aged 8:
“My favourite part was when the boys all got turned into girls and the girls turned ugly! I thought it was funny that they all had to carry dolls – one of them looked just like my brother!"

And Abigail aged 9 from Wimborne:
“I liked Aunty’s jabber. I’d like to use it on my dad! I also liked it whenever she said I’m as right as rain she got rained on!"

And Des, 10, Leeds:
“I liked Egor Blimey flicking bogies all over everybody. Could she flick some on my teacher."

And from Anonymous:
“The best bit was when Miss Thing fell down the stairs and accidentally kissed me!!!"

Christmas Special

The fun started with Timmy Towers getting ready for a big Christmas party. Aunty was delighted because a man with a big bird is coming – it was Rod Hull & Emu! and there was chaos in the kitchen for both of them!

Timmy tried to get a super smoochy squelchy snog from Miss Thing while the Abominable No Man stole all the Christmas presents in the World!

Timmy Mallett as himself
The Late Mark Speight as The Abominable No Man
Rodger Bremble as Aunty Knobbly Boney Knees
Sophie Lawrence as Miss Thing

Also featuring:
The Late Rod Hull

Programme 3: No time like the present

Miss Thing is in a fix when her cookery and history exams coincide and she hasn’t the time to get ready.

By an amazing stroke of luck Timmy discovers that the grandfather clock is a time machine and by turning back the hands he can turn back time.

Of course the Abominable No Man wants such a machine to take over the World! He swops it for a pizza and starts causing chaos with time.

Timmy, Miss Thing & Aunty Knobbly Boney Knees are flung back to the dark ages, the iron ages and the time of Merlin (played by CITV’s Steven Mulhern).

Like King Arthur, Timmy pulls the mallet from the stone, shoots into the present, but knocks himself out! Meanwhile the Abominable No Man kidnaps a young looking Timmy from the audience – played by 7 year old Billy Mallett. Little Timmy tricks the baddie and bashes him with the mallet, so Timmy and the team can return to their normal time.

Miss Thing passes her exams so she rewards present day Timmy with a super smoochy squelchy SNOG!

Opinions so far include:

“The funniest yet."

And Sophie:
“I loved the bit where Timmy went back to the iron ages and someone was ironing his foaot."

Programme 6: Spring Cleaning

Today’s the day that Timmy will take Miss Thing on a date, but oh dear he hasn’t enough money!

So Timmy helps out on Aunty Knobbly Boney Knees’ spring clean to try and make it a date to remember!

The Abominable No Man hates dates and kissing and stuff and he hates spring cleaning too! Good job he can call on Botchet & Botchet (Snug & Cozi) to do his dreadful deeds.

They succeed in ruining Miss Thing’s lovely dresses but they can’t get the better of Timmy. At which point in comes the baddie with his Horror Hoover – a machine so powerful it even sucks Miss Thing’s dress right off!

It looks like a job for Vacuum Man – another amazing super hero from a seemingly never ending supply of heroes! But does Vacuum man save the day? Of course he does!

Opinions so far include:

Daniel Pearse:
“My favourite bit was when the Abominable No Man sucked Miss Thing’s dress right off! My dad couldn’t believe it and wants to watch it again!"

Claire Forbes:
“I think it was rotten the way Miss Thing’s dresses kept being ruined. They were lovely dresses and I’d like to wear one."

James Walker:
“I liked it when Timmy waved at the Abominable No man and then punched him!"