Timmy Towers: Characters

Timmy (Timmy Mallett)

Timmy once hit Mrs Thatcher on the head with the mallet when she was Prime Minister! Now he wants to play Mallett’s Mallet with this Prime Minister so he can go BLAAAAIR!

His favourite part of the show is trying to get a snog from Miss Thing, beating the Abominable No Man, making a mess and the rest of it!

Aunty Knobbly Boney Kness (Roger Bremble)

Rodger Bremble is Aunty Knobbly Boney Knees. He first met Timmy when he was an ugly sister in Cinderella and had to bully Timmy who was Buttons!

By the way, Rodger really does knit in real life! When he’s not being a mad Aunty he designs great costumes for Disneyland!

The Abominable No Man (Mark Speight)

Mark Speight played the Abominable No Man, but do you recognise him? That’s right! He was Scratchy in Scratchy & co and presents SMart!

Mark was an utterly brilliant artist too. You can see examples of his work on Timmy Towers – as he also drew the brilliant designs for the titles of the show!

Miss Thing (Alex Lovell)

Alex Lovell is also seen on the Disney Channel and you may have spotted her on tour with Playdays. Somebody once gave her a wonderful puppet bird that they had made – that puppet appears on Timmy Towers – as beaky in Timmy Towers goes Really Wild!

What about that pink hair? It’s utterly real, of course!