Titanic Message in a Bottle

May 12, 2018|brother martin, Downs syndrome, My Camino, News, Reach Your Potential|

Titanic was my Downs Syndrome brother Martin’s favourite film (along with the Sound of Music and Crocodile Dundee.)  Every Christmas when we played charades Martin would pick one of the ladies to stand with him arms outstretched, and we had to guess the film…

We love this charade and we all shout out together: “TITANIC!”

So the evening was calm, the Bay of Biscay like a mill pond, the sunset lit up the sky in Titanic hues and it was the perfect moment…  I stood at the back of the ship and looked at the blue bottle – the Martin Mallett Message in a bottle I’d carried with me since Finisterre nearly two weeks ago.
There the bottle had refused to leave me.  This time.  The Titanic moment….
I wonder where it is now?

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