The iron cross – highest point on the Camino

April 19, 2018|My Camino, News, Reach Your Potential|

It’s 1500 metres up to the iron cross in the mountains of Leon.

Higher than Ben Nevis.  I cycled up it on my lovely Giant E-Bike.  You pass by spiritual tributes in the fence and climb and climb.  At the top is a huge mound of stones surrounding a tall wooden pillar with an iron cross on the top.

Since the early days of the pilgrimage people have carried a stone from home and laid out at the foot of the cross as an atonement for sins.  So the pile of stones confess from every corner of the globe.  I prefer to use my stone from home as an opportunity to count my blessings.

You won’t miss my stone. I painted it!  And it may be there hottest day of the year so far but there’s snow up there…

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