The hill of forgiveness

April 11, 2018|My Camino, News, Reach Your Potential|

High up on the mountain is a string of wind turbines.  You know you are in a windy spot when you see these graceful turning in the breeze.  Or whirring like demons in the freezing rain and gale force winds.  That’s what was happening as I made my way up there.

Alongside the turbines is a fabulous set off iron pilgrim statues. Stunning in any setting; here they had another eerie quality.  The mountain is called Alto Del Perdon – the hill of forgiveness.  Forgive me, it’s not a place to stop more than a moment.

Even though It’s a favourite photo stop along the Camino today…  People hurried past.  One pilgrim in his kilt!  It feels like end of the world.  I left a Martin Mallett name tag on the post.  He’s there blowing in the wind.

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