The hand of St James and the cathedral of Santiago

April 26, 2018|My Camino, News, Reach Your Potential|

I’ve cycled 2430 kilometres (1500 miles) from home to Santiago de Compostela. The target is the Great Baroque Cathedral where the cousin of Christ, St James the apostle is said to be buried.

Everyday they say a pilgrim mass for the hundreds of pilgrims who arrive in the city each day. Last year 300,000 finished their Camino at Santiago. The highlight of the pilgrim mass is the giant swinging incense burner – the Botafumeiro – eight men are needed to pull on the rope.
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es to get it to swing high across the nave from north to south.

It’s spectacular and dates back hundreds of years…..

Then the pilgrims queue up to see the tomb of St James.

You’ll know from following previous blogs that I’ve revealed not all of St James is in Santiago. His left hand is in England at St Peter’s church Marlow.

I wanted to take my photos of the hand and reunite them with the rest of him.

So I took my photos to the tomb.

Then I shared them and the story with the Dean of the cathedral, Jose, and his cathedral archivist and librarian Francisco. We discussed the history of the hand, how it came to be in Buckinghamshire, and how my bishops, prime minister and heads of state and royalty had shown an interest in my story and one of the inspirations for my Camino….

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