The day I dreamed big and lived the big dream

April 10, 2018|My Camino, News, Reach Your Potential|

It began with rain which lasted all day….

The Alberge team in St Jean Pied De Port gave me an encouraging send off through the gate and up the mountains.  Kings and Princes and simple pilgrims have passed this way for centuries, today it’s my turn. I cycled past trudging pilgrims, some in quite spectacular outfits. Then there was the streaming dung heaps echoing the streaming mountains wreathed in clouds.  Gushing streams cascading down the mountains.

Mountains steaming in the clouds.  Soon it was time to say “Au Revoir” to France and “Hola” To Spain. The climb was relentless.  The E-bike was amazing.  It just gives more power to the pedal, round each hairpin bend with taxis shooting past, carrying dispirited pilgrims who can’t manage it.  I passed three cyclists pushing.  “E-bike” I called out…  Encouragingly.

The E bike is amazing.  You drop down the gears and just pedal, patience gets you there and at the top, I still had 50% of my power left.  Through the snow and then three hours later through the mist, the chapel at the top of the pass came into view.  It’s the most amazing feeling to cycle up one of the world’s great mountain ranges.  Talk about reaching your potential.  This is a day that will live with me forever!

I am so proud of my achievement.
And I topped it off with a Martin Mallett moment.  Ma bubba.

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