The boomerang bottle

May 1, 2018|brother martin, Downs syndrome, My Camino, News, Reach Your Potential|

I want to do a message in a bottle. Send a Martin Mallett name tag out into the sea. I found the perfect blue bottle in a recycling bin. To the name tag I added:

  • A photo of Martin and I together in Scotland
  • A piece of granite from the granite city of Aberdeen where he’d lived for 37 years
  • A Timmy cycling artist pic
  • A photo with Theresa May and Timmy
  • A Pilgrim calendar to show the date
  • A map of the Camino Finisterre

I wrapped them in a water proof bag and rolled them up to fit in the neck of the bottle. I sealed the lid shut and put a cable tie around it. Then down to the beach.
“This will either come back in 10 minutes or 10 years.” In fact it was back in two minutes!
Second time lucky? Third time lucky?
Again and again the wind and current brought it back on shore. It’s a boomerang bottle!  The sea spat out my bottle and said no thanks.  I get the message!

Thanks to the great Swiss Greg and Barbara who did the filming for me.

What fun!

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