The barber of Carrion

April 16, 2018|My Camino, News, Reach Your Potential|

There’s a lot of pleasure in having your hair cut somewhere new.  How about a different country where we don’t speak the same language?  This barber is next to my accommodation and he’s just won the lottery!

50,000 euros. That’s his share of the winning syndicate.  So I went in and watched as he took great pride with work.  It was my turn…..  Ola, haircut please…  Qué???  And he began.

A tape around my shirt to stop the bits going down my neck.  Clippers, followed by cut throat razor.  Keenly sharpened and tidy.  Scalp massage, scissors, combing, brushing, trimming, checking, grooming, tidying.  20 minutes later and I’m feeling a smart man about the bike again.  Cost?  9.50 euros.  Bargain. I’m going again

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