Timmy on the Telly

Timmy began presenting on TV with the Wide Awake Club and Wacaday, as Roland Rat’s replacement at TVam!  Since then he’s hosted loads of successful shows and regularly makes guest appearances on other shows where his entertaining opinions, loud looks, and good humour make him a popular expert guest.

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TVAM: Wide Awake Club

The shows popular features were the spelling game Bonk ‘n’ Boob, Heroes and Heroines, Villains and Villainesses, and pop guests like Bros, Sonia and Kylie. It created great catch phrases like “What are we?” – “We’re wide awake!”.

Timmy’s co presenters were Michaela Strachan, Tommy Boyd, James Baker, and Arabella Warner. The show was devised by producer Nick Wilson. There were regular pet spots, and doc spots and a science piece by new girl Carol Vorderman. One popular regular was the Sound Asleep Club performed by Mike Myers (his first break on TV) and Neil Mularkey.

Among the many bands to appear on the Wide Awake Club were Sonia, Bros, The Proclaimers, Ian Donaldson, Miami Sound Machine, Curiosity Killed The Cat and Depeche Mode.

One of the features had Prince Edward making his first ever TV report with the Wide Awake Club.  James Baker interviewed him about the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme in Shropshire.

Timmy Gets a Gotcha!

Timmy was one of Noel’s first Gotcha victims when he was left in a taxi that the driver had crashed while supposedly selling it!  Noel was chased down the street with the mallet for his pains! Strangely enough, Timmy had spotted the camera in the car, but it never registered because why would there be a camera in a taxi?  Now he always checks as he gets in.

Five: The Beeps!

The Beeps is a brand new animation on Channel Five. Made by Impossible Television, it features the well known voices of Tom Baker as narrator and Timmy as the voice of Smelly Beep!

“It’s the first time I’ve played a character in an animation” said Timmy “and I love it!  Of course being Smelly comes easy to me…”

Around The World in 80 Seconds

Timmy played Captain Everything!

“I know everything there is to know!”

Captain Everything controlled three teams of children who represented different countries and competed for the chance to run ‘Around the World in 80 Seconds (or less!)’

“These are the most important 80 seconds of your entire life!"

And they were because the winning schools won holidays!  Points were awarded as globes: “Egypt show us your globes!”  The teams had to run the gauntlet of Plus One (‘Wolf’ from Gladiators) and Minus One the two arch baddies.

BBC: Dick and Dom in Da Bungalow

Timmy was locked in the cage in the cellar of Dick ‘n’ Dom’s bungalow!!  A great Saturday morning show on BBC1 in the tradition of proper anarchic mischievous kids telly.

As it happened, it was Dom’s birthday and Timmy presented him with his own Pinky Punky mallet!  Meanwhile young Billy Mallett was lost for words when meeting his heroes.  “What shall we put on your T shirt?” asked Dick.  “Er…. Nah….”  And that’s what he got!

This is a show that relies on Dick and Dom’s quick wit and instinctive repartee.  Timmy returned to perform in one of the clever puppet sketches.  This is an extraordinary feature where Dick and Dom’s real size heads appear with squeaky high pitched voices on top of tiny puppet bodies.  You find yourself watching and laughing and asking: “how’s that done?”

We found out when Timmy was asked to don a diddy Timmy puppet and take in a diddy Pinky Punky for some giant sized weeing on Dom!


Who’s this in disguise, knocking up a massive piece of Sydney harbour on live TV?

“Hey, will you paint my wall please?!”

Timmy’s paintbrush came in handy painting murals on GMTV! Timmy travelled to viewers’ houses and painted fabulous murals on their walls – of anything they liked!

Go Getters!

Three teams of celebrities had to chase around the country for a week in a caravan looking for clues.  They were supposed to stay in the caravan, but it was April and on the first night it snowed!

Starting in Alton Towers, Timmy’s ‘Team Timmy’, Carol Vorderman, and the bloke off Brookside drove to Wales to try sheep shearing and then to Liverpool to collect a pair of Holly Johnson’s underpants!

Laurence met Timmy and the team when they were

“I met Timmy at Chester Zoo in the crocodile area when I was about 8 (now 26). He was with Carol Vorderman. My best friend Jimmy missed him by seconds and saw him running off into the distance in his pink shellsuit with his cameramen. He burst into tears and has yet to fully get over it. I have ordered him a Pinky Punky. I think he will be really touched! And I have also ordered one for my girlfriend Joey who is clearly jealous of mine. I was wondering if Timmy would please sign them like he did mine – one to Jimmy and one to Joey. If he really wants to surprise Jimmy he could put something like “sorry I missed you at Chester Zoo”. It would knock his socks off!

Thanks again, Laurence"

BBC: Top Of The Pops

When Timmy hit the charts with Itsy Bitsy he made a number of appearances on Top of the Pops.  The first was as the opening act on a live show.  Of the two dancing girls, Dawn later married Take That’s Gary Barlow and Annie went on to star in ads for Peugeot cars.  The best show was on the Christmas special with other great hits of the year – Elton John and Kylie.

CITV Awards

Timmy played his first pantomime dame role in a huge dress handing out awards like hot dinners!  In the animal of the year awards he was an eccentric explorer!  Here we can see him with Shannon from Home and Away, Art Attack’s Neil Buchanan and Rebel from the Gladiators. Timmy has won many awards in his career including awards from the TV Times and Look In for top TV presenter.

Beat the Best

Beat the Best is a brand new sports show being made by Brilliant TV.  In Beat the Best we meet the stars of the world’s greatest sports, find out what it takes to become a star, and then give you the chance to BEAT THEM at their own game!  Is it possible?  Anything’s possible on Beat the Best.

A pilot show has been filmed and finds keen skateboarders from the all over the country taking on top UK pro skateboarder and Byker Grove TV stunt star Neil Urwin at The Matrix skateboarding park in Maidenhead.

The programme is presented by experienced children’s TV stars Timmy Mallett and Kate Russell and is made by Brilliant TV – the production company owned by Timmy Mallett who’s also Executive Producer on the show!

In 1992 he set up his own production company, Brilliant TV, that makes loads of great telly!  Timmy’s career in television spans back to the 1980s when he was plucked from the radio to present The Wide Awake Club and spin-off series Wacaday for TV-am.  Both lasted ages and made Timmy a massive superstar!  Since then he’s presented loads of other programmes like Utterly Brilliant, Way to Go and Timmy Towers.

We filmed the pilot a few weeks ago and took some photos while we were there!

Here’s a few more pictures of just some of the behind the scenes crew who made the programme possible.