Blow holes and beaches

Coast lines always deliver secrets.  I was following the narrow gauge railway line and it went alongside the beach.  There was a wonderful booming noise and spray everywhere. Of course such things are tide and weather dependant.  And there I

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Football fabulous

Visited Lugo FC stadium #forzaLugo Very welcoming club in league two.  The pitch and stadium look terrific and the interview area by the main reception is great!  I’m in.  A signed on Lugo fan. Plus I’ve got 2 new

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Vineyard Valley

“Make sure you follow the road right down to the bottom…..” Said my hostel host.  Bellasar is worth a visit. I was enjoying a pleasant descent which became a 10 kilometre free wheel whizz down through the trees and

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Winter Camino

There are lots of different routes to Santiago de Compostela.  I’ve been on the way of the Plantagenets, the way of Tours, the way of Vezelay, and through Spain on the Camino Frances.  But now at Pontferrada there’s a

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Animals on the camino

This route passes through lots of rural Europe so you can expect to see animals along the way.  I’ve seen pilgrim donkeys, but this was a first. Sheep sharing the road with me.  Lots of sheep!  Unbelievable!

Entertaining the pilgrims

Every person you pass calls out: “Buen Camino!”  Which translates as ‘good trip.’ It’s a really encouraging greeting and makes you feel like you are doing something special and worthwhile.  “Buen Camino,” we all call to each other. I’m

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Rioja country

I am constantly thrilled to see the changing landscapes each day and over each hill.  How could the world vary so much?  But it does.  As Navarre gives way to Castile the big ring of mountains surround an enormous

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Foothills of the Pyrenees

The undulating rolling foothills of one of Europe’s great mountain ranges….  It’s a joy….. Until it rains biblical rain.  This is a winter which doesn’t want to end and the weather has it in for the cycling artist.

Meeting purple man

There are lots of highlights in the glorious city of York, and this is one I came across because it was raining…. ‘Grab a brolly‘ said Mrs Mallett and I found one in the car, bright Timmy type purple.

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