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Pinky Punky
Just £22

Pinky Punky's Utterly Brilliant, cute and cuddly and he's just like he is on the telly. Buy your very own Pinky Punky Mallet, play the legendary Mallett's Mallet with all your friends!
Relive the best days of your happy wacky childhood!

Timmy Spectacular
Just £32.00

Included in this package:
Itsy Bitsy Spex
Your very own Pinky Punky!

Also included is this fantastic freebie:
Signed copy of Timmy’s book: “Utterly Brilliant History of the World.”

Utterly Special Timmy Party Look-a-Like
Just £55.00

Consisting of:

  • Pinky Punky Mallet!
  • Timmy collared shirt
  • Itsy Bitsy spex!
  • Utterly Brilliant “I’ve Been Timmy Malletted Here!” Cap
  • Every order comes with a FREE WAC plaster!!