Pamplona alona

April 11, 2018|My Camino, News, Reach Your Potential|

This is a city famous for a mad week every July when the foolhardy take on the famous bulls to run the streets and try and escape death… Or worse!

The great way to arrive in Pamplona is by bike along the side of the river.

When I arrived the river was in flood and the path often submerged.  It brings you right to the great of the city under the walls.  Up advice is the huge stadium of the bulls and the cathedral.  It’s not certain which is more important to them.

The promenading in the square in the evening as joy to watch and I was glad to make it two nights here.

Partly to recover from several strenuous day’s pedalling and partly to bask in my own sense of achievement after climbing the Pyrenees on my E-bike.

Either way. Some culture and inspiration was very welcome.

I met my pages Gary here. He’s about to start his Camino and even though we are doing the she route this is such a personal journey we will cycle separately and meet up as and when.

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