Nearly halfway

April 2, 2018|My Camino, News, Reach Your Potential|

Pons is a good place to stop and ponder.
Fabulous castle.  I could paint that!

On the way out of town the usual little Chemin De St Jacques clues…
The sign by the door.

The circle on the ground.

But on the outskirts of town is a big roundabout with an amazing statue of a group of medieval larger than life pilgrims on their traditional dress wide brimmed hat, walking staff, cloak and bag of stuff.  Following the chap at the front pointing the way.  Always onwards… Keep going…

It’s not far now.  Well it is actually.  Up the road is the medieval pilgrim hospital.  Remember that many ancient pilgrims were walking to Santiago in search of a miracle.  A cure for cancer perhaps or help with an ailment.  And often they succumbed to the task of walking for weeks on end.

At this large hospital where lots of pilgrims would have passed away, there’s a sign beneath the archway.  My first sign post to Santiago and it’s a little short of 1200 kilometres.

At which point of course, the medieval pilgrim would have turned round and walked home again!

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