Martin Mallett moments

March 27, 2018|My Camino, News, Reach Your Potential|

Each day I look for somewhere special to leave a Martin Mallett name tag.
Actually that’s not strictly true. Each day my dear downs syndrome brother Martin comes into my thoughts and it becomes easy to spot the place to have a Martin moment.
Today, I gave a name tag to the journalist who interviewed me. Clearly Martin’s story had an impact because he asked for a name tag for himself and of course I gave it to him.

My friends Dominique and Sophie have an ancient second home that we have visited many times.
It’s called Grosbot (big wood) and is on the chemin de Saint Jacques. In fact it was here 15 years ago I first heard of this pilgrimage route and my interest was sparked. My fascination has been growing ever since.
So Martin is now on an old oak beam by the area we enjoy all our meals. It’s a real socialising place. Perfect for my dear departed brother….. You me.

Along the road I see many memorials and roadside crucifixes.
Martin had a strong faith and it seemed right to put one here looking out on the big sky and everlasting landscape.

Everywhere is different.
Everywhere is special.
You me. Ma bubba

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