Martin Mallett – My Bubba

March 7, 2018|News|

Dear big brother Martin has passed away.
He leaves a huge, Martin shaped, hole in our lives.

We’ll miss his favourite sayings:

“You me”

I’m happy…”

“We don’t measure the issues he had to cope with, we smile at Martin’s warm embrace.”
Never was there a finer example of living in the moment. Delighted to meet people, always ready for an outing – to church, a bike ride, football, theatre, trip to the shops, visiting friends, helping in the kitchen, the garden, dancing, watching telly, singing round the piano, knitting, doing a Jigsaw or playing games especially charades and dominoes.

“You me….”
All life was to be relished even sadness when Martin would bring his own special prayer and comfort.

Martin made the most of every day. He fulfilled his potential as a baker, a brother, a friend.

Martin blessed us all with his sweet outlook.

Born with Downs syndrome, that extra chromosome, gave Martin a unique gift.

They used to say his life expectancy would be lucky to reach his teens, his twenties, his thirties…. Well 64 is still too short these days, but it was a life richly lived and as the doctor at his birth in August 1953 said to our tearful fearful mother: “he’ll bring his own welcome….”

Thank you for enriching our lives dear Martin and for showing us how we too might reach our own potential every day.

He ain’t heavy… He’s our brother…

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