Mallett in Muxia

April 29, 2018|My Camino, News, Painting, Reach Your Potential|

It’s the other end of the earth.  They are 20 miles apart.  And pilgrims tend to have a favourite.

Finisterre for the Lighthouse and cape.  Muxia for the Chapel and the waves.  It is relentless, with the sea smashing and crashing huge rollers onto the rocks.  The sound is all consuming and thunderous.

The drama of Muxia is powerful and inspirational.  I found a spot for a Martin Mallett name tag.  And enjoyed climbing through the rock that is supposed to cure back ache!  I enjoyed both places for their variety and now I can comfortably turn for home and head to Santander and the ferry 10 days cycling away…….

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