Ma bubba

March 17, 2018|brother martin, Downs syndrome, My Camino, News, Reach Your Potential|

Martin’s name tags…

We sew them onto clothes.  So they won’t be lost.  So we know where they belong.
Among Martin’s possessions are his name tags.  I hold them and feel the threads, the threads of family, of how much we meant to reach other.  Time to take them on my Camino and let brother Martin share my adventure.  Look at this photo of Martin on his bike.

See him rooted in the here and now. Concentrating not on the path ahead but on the business of pedalling and steering.  Enjoying the moment with me #youme.

Well Martin is with me on this trip, enjoying the here and now of who we meet and what we see.  His name tags Mark our journey.  #mabubba

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