I’ve walked a long way then someone passes me on a bike

April 2, 2018|My Camino, News, Reach Your Potential|

They were ahead of me on the muddy track. Plenty of rain in recent weeks…

I knew they were pilgrims immediately.  The rucksacks, goretex gear, the scallops shells: “Bon Camino!”  They jumped in surprise.  As well they might.

Pascal and Francoise had left Brittany on February 9th.  Nearly two months later they meet their first pilgrim on the long hike to Santiago…. And he’s a mad Englishman on a bike!

There are big smiles, where are you staying tonight?  How far have you come today?  How’s it going?  When do you expect to be there?  How will you get home?

This last question produced an amazing answer:
Santander to Cork,
Cork to Roscoff,
Wow, that’s dedication.

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