In the Alberge

April 6, 2018|My Camino, News, Reach Your Potential|

Along the chemin de St Jacques there are Alberge for pilgrims.  Inside is a kitchen, bathroom, great shower, and a beam lined dorm with sheets pillows blankets.

They cost a few token euros a night, I arrived late into Lesperon.  The hotel was full, the Chambre D’Hote a few kilometres away.  I was shown the Refuge St Jacques and knocked on the door.  79 year old Hans from Switzerland welcomed me in with a smile.

“I’ve been walking from Mont St Michel since February and you are my first pilgrim at an alberge” he said.  We cobbled together bread, eggs, fish fingers, cheese and tomatoes and a bottle of rose.  And we talked into the evening, priceless.

In the morning he set off carrying 15 kilos on his back!  He’s walked the Camino six times, he’s someone who reached his potential every day.  This is a good place for a Martin Mallett moment.  I left his name tag in the beams of the dorm.  “You me.”  God bless you Martin.

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