I looked at these mountains from both sides

May 6, 2018|brother martin, Downs syndrome, My Camino, News, Reach Your Potential|

There’s nothing like it for realising the distance travelled.  Weeks ago coming out of Burgos I stood and stared at the snow capped mountains away to the north.  Today those same snow capped mountains were away to the south.

In between I’d cycled westwards as far as it’s possible to go and turned around and made made way over the mountains of Asturia.  Now, with the Bay of Biscay on the other side of me, I stopped and felt the vastness of this journey.  A journey I’ve been making with my brother Martin in my heart.  It felt like a Martin Mallett moment

The camino signpost was a distance marker.  Close to 500 kilometres to Santiago.  That distant city…

But always you carry your loved ones close…


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