How do you plan an adventure like this?

May 10, 2018|My Camino, News, Reach Your Potential, Uncategorized|

It’s been in my mind for some time. I’ve been pondering it for a number of years.  It was only once I said it loud that I wanted to attempt this that things really started.

There were comments.  You are mad.  What are you wanting to do that for?  Why don’t you go in September when the weather’s better?  Get someone to go with you….

I set the date of departure 6 months before I started training.  Carrying my paints, trying different mediums, working from the back of the bike.  Then I asked for help.  And after Christmas that help began to arrive.

I am so grateful.  It felt like people and organisations believed in me and that gave me encouragement.  My friends stopped laughing at it and began to be concerned.  They offered assistance and I took it.

Other touring cyclists offered kind words and practical advice.  Bishops, an Archbishop, my MP the PM, my well known friends, all offered letters and messages of support.  I always knew it would be brother Martin inspired.  Reaching your potential is a lesson he taught me every day.

And then a week before leaving Martin died.  The was a funeral in Aberdeen and the pilgrimage took on an extra dimension.  Can I reach my potential?  Will I be able to manage this……

Thank you for helping me achieve a dream….

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