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Talking with Lorraine about the Camino

Footage courtesy of ITV.

The finish…

My friend Terry joined me at Reading.  We met at St James church where father John stamped my pilgrim passport and we discussed the connection between Santiago Reading and Marlow and the hand of St James.  Next stop was along

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Titanic Message in a Bottle

Titanic was my Downs Syndrome brother Martin's favourite film (along with the Sound of Music and Crocodile Dundee.)  Every Christmas when we played charades Martin would pick one of the ladies to stand with him arms outstretched, and we

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Blow holes and beaches

Coast lines always deliver secrets.  I was following the narrow gauge railway line and it went alongside the beach.  There was a wonderful booming noise and spray everywhere. Of course such things are tide and weather dependant.  And there

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How do you plan an adventure like this?

It’s been in my mind for some time. I’ve been pondering it for a number of years.  It was only once I said it loud that I wanted to attempt this that things really started.  There were comments.  You

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Sunny Santander

Half way along Spain’s North coast is the port of Santander. Famous for its beaches and it’s bank, it’s an important spot along the Camino del Norte.  I cycled into town as my Brittany ferries flagship arrived. Just time

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What to take on the Camino

The general rule of thumb is take less.  Whatever you think is essential cut it in half. You are going to be carrying it and everything is heavy after a while.  Everything.  Even tissues!  So with that in mind,

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Painting on the cliff tops

The track led through the village. There was a stile and a footpath.  I followed it carefully over rocks and around the corner.  Where I came face to face with huge long horned cows and their guardian bull.  They

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I looked at these mountains from both sides

There's nothing like it for realising the distance travelled.  Weeks ago coming out of Burgos I stood and stared at the snow capped mountains away to the north.  Today those same snow capped mountains were away to the south. 

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Day to Day Meetings

You don’t always need the local language. I know it helps but... I met the local herdsman and his herd of cattle.  Wet have a great chat going moo!  A music festival was on in town.  Music is universal

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