Cycling through Oxford at the start of my camino…

February 13, 2018|News|

I rode past the Archeology department and called in to see an old friend.  I first met Emma Henderson back in the dim and distant days of November last year when we discussed the Hand of St James, from St Peter’s Church Marlow.

Emma is the wonderful administrator of the department with a warm smile and much encouragement for my adventure.  She is also one of the the first people to be featured in my series of paintings.  I promised to call in at the start of my trip and she had news of an intriguing nature. Something I’m going to dwell on during my cycle ride..

Just past the Plain in Oxford is James Street where I used to live.  stopped to take a photo and remember old times, and suddenly the door opened and out stepped one of the new residents. We exchanged a few pleasant words and went our separate ways.  Brought together by an old house that we have both lived in many years apart.

All these journeys are just a ride along the same old way, it’s just our turn and we make of it what we will.

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