The journalist

Daniel came to interview me for the regional paper.  He arrived bringing macaroons and when asked what he’d like to drink said ‘Pernod please’.  Crikey!  The interview naturally went swimmingly….

Chinon Castle

It’s only another 45 mins away.  But it’s in the wrong direction.  Of course I went! I’m standing across the river in awe at one of the great fortress / palace of history.  The yellow stone glistens in the

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Thanks Komoot

Navigation is always an issue in a strange place.  I like maps.  There’s a logic to them and browsing over them you can plan and dream and wonder… What would it be like going that way?  Now with GPS, you can

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“Where will you stay?”  That is a question I’ve been asked a lot and I ask myself each day…. I have a list of suggested accommodations from the Pilgrim Organisation in France. However it’s early in the season and things

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Got everything!

Got the gorgeous Giant bike, the great Daler Rowney paints, and my messages of support.. What have I forgotten?  Now just a small matter of 2000kms and open to the possibilities along the Camino de Santiago. Wish me luck! Listen

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Portrait presentation

I’ve enjoyed the challenge of working on this portrait. Canon Michael Smith of York Minster is the subject and I’ve put him by the altar in his vestments. I presented it to him at whitewall gallery, York who framed

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Thanks Flares!

Had a great night at Flares party venue in York. It’s a top club with a great team led by Sam and DJ Jay. Thanks for the beers and good luck messages. Can’t wait to come back again!

Meeting purple man

There are lots of highlights in the glorious city of York, and this is one I came across because it was raining…. ‘Grab a brolly‘ said Mrs Mallett and I found one in the car, bright Timmy type purple.

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Bear Grylls and Timmy

I’m delighted to have support of the great Bear Grylls for my cycling and painting Camino adventure. Bear says: “Am so full of admiration for Timmy’s commitment & determination to do something special. He is an inspiration to many.”

Martin Mallett – My Bubba

Dear big brother Martin has passed away. He leaves a huge, Martin shaped, hole in our lives. We’ll miss his favourite sayings: “You me” “I’m happy…” “We don’t measure the issues he had to cope with, we smile at

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Inspired to reach your potential

I’m being asked every day what I’m doing this adventure for, and it’s really easy to explain. I am raising awareness of the importance of reaching your potential. I have a dear brother, Martin, who has downs syndrome and

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