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Follow my circumnavigation of the United Kingdom as I take on the land and coastal border of Northern Ireland. Over 500 miles on my Timmeee bike.

Paintings and videos shared daily across my social platforms

Thank you for all the support and encouragement I’ve received during my attempt to circumnavigate Britain on my bike.

I cycled over 4700 miles on my TimmEEE bike and painted the great landscapes of our world class coastline along the way.  Following the example of great artists like Jospeh Turner who 200 years ago went in search of the sublime views of Britain’s coast.

This was always an attempt to reach my potential.  To be absorbed in the here and now of each day.  Inspired by my brother Martin, with his language and learning difficulties, I’m reminded that each and every day in life is the best day ever and the important thing is to be in the moment.

You can follow the exact route and see the paintings and video stories where they are featured on this utterly brilliant map!

For stats lovers…here’s a few basics:

  • I started and ended at Paddington.
  • Setting off down the Thames and turning clockwise round the coast on Thursday March 17th and arriving home to emotional scenes on Friday
    August 5th.
  • A distance of 4730 miles – 7600 kilometres.
  • Over the course of 118 days in the saddle.

The story of each day’s adventure can be seen on my social accounts, links below!  The videos are on Tik Tok and YouTube with a compilation series to be available shortly.

Thanks for all the lovely messages!  Here’s to reaching our potential!

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The watercolour and acrylic paintings created along the way can be seen and bought at Mallett Fine Art.

Full of unexpected moments, Timmy’s thrilling tale of his amazing adventure along the Camino (travelled by so many over the centuries) weaves together brilliantly history and memoirs. It shows how important it is for Timmy to live every moment of every day.

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