Event dates

How to Book Timmy!

To book Timmy for your show, celebration, opening, event, function or personal appearance, call
The John Miles Organisation: 01275 854675.
Email: john@johnmiles.org.uk.

Upcoming Events

26 May 2019
Timmy will appear at Parkdean Resorts, Sandford, Poole.

24 July 2019
ParkDean Resorts – Vauxhall, Great Yarmouth.

27 July 2019
ParkDean Resorts – Southview, Skegness.

31 July 2019
ParkDean Resorts – Trecco Bay, Porthcawl.

8 August 2019
ParkDean Resorts – Highfield Grange, Clacton on Sea.

Timmy’s art is in prestigious galleries all across the UK.
You can see him touring with Mallett’s Mallet at holiday resorts and corporate events.
Timmy Mallett – Star, Entertainer, Artist.